Dreams to Reality   

  Wedding and Event Stylist/Decorator 

Cone/Flare Shape

The 60cm cone vase would be one of the most popular as it is so versatile.
$7.50 each to hire ~30+ available~


50cm Cylinder Flare

$7.50 each
~8 available~

20cm and 30cm Square Flare

These vases are another very popular shape, they look super effective with stones, flowers (fresh or artificial) filled with water and floating candles.
20cm $3.50 each ~20 available~
30cm $5 each ~30+ available~

Martini Vase

Martini vases are fantastic, they are so much fun to work with due to there unusual shape.
50cm tall $9 each to hire ~20+available~
26cm tall $7 each to hire~20+available~

50cm Belly Cylinder

These vases work very well with single stems of flowers

$7.50 each 

~12 available~


25cm Belly Hurricane

As the name suggests it is a hurricane vase style and perfect for candles, these look lovely dotted around outdoor tables.
$5 each to hire
~10 available~


We have 2 different sizes 25cm and1 5cm
25cm $5 each to hire ~20 available to hire~
15cm $3 each to hire ~20 available to hire~
(15cm Inside the birdcage)
This is the same shape as the 25cm