Dreams to Reality   

  Wedding and Event Stylist/Decorator 

Rose 'Kissing' Balls

We have so many beautiful red roseballs,most are a deep red with a few being 'red-red'
10cm deep red roseballs $4 each to hire ~40+ available~
Deep red rose hearts $5 each to hire ~10 available~
18cm deep red roseballs $5 each to hire ~10 available~
15cm red rose balls $4each to hire ~10available~
As with the red roseballs, the white and ivory are so popular, we have many sizes to choose from with the most popular being 20cm to hang on Shepherds hooks
13cm white or ivory roseball (perfect for hanging inside Birdcages) $5 each to hire ~12+ of white and ivory available~
20cm white or ivory roseball $7 each to hire ~12+ of white and ivory available~
25cm white roseball $9 each to hire ~12+ available~
Ribbon for hanging from the roseballs POA
We also have limited numbers of various colour 10cm roseballs
Hot Pink ~8 available~
Dusky Pink ~8 available~
White with a tiny hint of green ~8 available~
Orange ~6 available~
White with green tips ~4 available~
White ~3 available~
Lemon ~3 available~
Yellow ~3 available~
All are $3.50 each to hire

Hanging Glass Spheres

These are very much in vogue right now, they can be used nearly anywhere and add such a dramatic effect.
Candles and flowers work very well in them.

We have 3 sizes
10cm diameter $2 each ~14 available~
12cm diameter $2.50 each ~50+ available~
14cm diameter $3.50 each ~30+ available~

Test Tubes

These are so much fun, they can be added nearly anywhere for a subtle pop of colour from a single bud. The look wonderful hanging from large arrangements with twisted willow.
Hanging test tubes $1 each ~30+ available~
Set of 5 test tubes in Wooden frames/boxes $7.50 per set ~6 sets available~