Dreams to Reality   

  Wedding and Event Stylist/Decorator 

Silver Bud Vases

Along with the crystal items, we just love silver-ware. It is always so satisfying to polish any piece of silver to bring it back to new.

These Silver Bud Vases complement any vintage setting and match perfectly with Crystal Vases and Fine China

~15+ (10-18cm) available for hire~

$5 each to hire

Silver Candelabra

We have 2 different styles of 3 point silver candelabra, they are both the same overall height just slightly different styles of arms (they can be used together on different tables and no one would know the difference) and 2 different styles of 5 point silver candelabra (perfect for a Bridal Table)
~3 point silver candelabra with different height arms ~11 available~ $7.50 each
~3 point silver candelabra with same height arms ~8 available~ $7.50 each
~5 point silver candelabra ~2 different styles with 2 of each style available~ $10each

Silver Tea Servers and Teaspoons/Cake forks

To finish off a true vintage setting you cannot go without a Silver Tea Servers and Silver Cutlery
Silver Tea Pots From $10 each
Silver Trays $5 each
Silver Teaspoons and Cake Forks ~over 100 of each available~ From $50c each to hire