Dreams to Reality   

  Wedding and Event Stylist/Decorator 

Trough Vase

These are an awesome vase as they can be decorated in so many ways, they can also be an elegant but cost effective centrepiece.
All trough vases are 30cm x 8cm.
$7 each to hire


50cm x 12cm Square Vase

50cm x 13cm x 13cm  $7.50 each to hire ~over 30 available~
This size vase is wonderful for arrangements either inside the vase or out the top, as it is 50cm tall, the arrangements at the top are over your guests heads.
Flowers and candles work very well.

10cm Cube Glass Vase

These are a super versatile little vase, they are great space fillers or look wonderful all in rows.
10cm cube vase $3 each to hire

Other Glass Square Shape Vases

These are the other size square vases we either have or are getting in stock and do not yet have images of.
~15cm x 10cm x 10cm $3.50 each to hire
~20cm x 10cm x 10cm $4 each to hire
~25cm x 10cm x 10cm $4.50 each to hire
~30cm x 10cm x 10cm $5 each to hire


White and Black Ceramic Vase

Pictured below is the 13cm white ceramic cube vase, these are $4 each to hire
The other sizes we have in stock but do not currently have images of
~10cm white ceramic cube vase $3 each to hire
~15cm black ceramic cube vase $5 each to hire


Square Tealight Holders

Why not finish off your table decorations with matching square tealight holders in either clear glass or ceramic black.
Both the clear glass and ceramic black are $1 each which includes a 9 hour tealight candle ~100+ available in clear glass, 60 in ceramic black available~