Dreams to Reality   

  Wedding and Event Stylist/Decorator 

Wishing Wells

We have 5 different wishing wells to choose from.

They are all $20 each to hire undecorated or $25 decorated

NOTE nothing is to be glued or stuck to the wishing wells

White Wishing Well With Bucket
Standard White Wishing Well
White Wishing Well With Bucket
Standard White Wishing Well
Light Natural Stain Wishing Well
Dark Stain Wishing Well
Black Wishing Well

Wishing Well Alternatives

Wishing well alternatives area modern twist of the standard wishing well, these can be anything that is large enough to hold the envelopes.
If you are using a wishing well alternative, we recommend to either place an envelope in it with your names on it so your guests do know the purpose of it, or have a small sign saying 'Cards' or something similar.

Giant Fishbowl

$20 to hire

Giant Glass Urn


$20 to hire

42cm Birdcages
Available in Cream, Ivory and Bronze
$7.50 each to hire
Ivory Wooden Birdcage
$20 to hire

Also available with image coming soon
Large white wooden wishing well $30 to hire


All easels are $10 each to hire
Black Easel
Dark Brown Easel
Cream Easel
Wooden Easel
Wrought Iron Frame Blackboard with Wooden Easel
$40 for the set.